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Inspections during plants erection and operation

1. New plants erection and assembling

We offer inspection services and services of experts during the respective equipment production (inspections in production shops) - rotating machines, pressure equipment, pipes, tubes, valves, steel structures, electrical equipment and instrumentation. ATG also perform inspections and supervisions during plants erection and assembling (inspections on site).

Inspection services and services of experts are focused first of all on
  • QA/QC - a help with inspection and test plans preparation, issue of production tests procedures
  • physical inspections of tests and their verification according to applicable codes and standards (API, ASME, EN, SAUDI ARAMCO etc.)
  • packing and marking inspections
  • equipment loading inspections
  • expediting services
  • supervisions and audits of special processes
For site inspections we can offer you the complete scope of inspection services including "pre-commissioning" and "commissioning".

Services for developers and financial institutions
In the scope of checking of finance draw, credits insurance etc. we perform independent assessment of progress status, effective finances using, safety and legislation norms keeping. More about these services you can find in section Banking and insurance sectors.

2. Inspections during plants operation and maintenance

Activities during plants operation and maintenance are connected with requirements on highly qualified personnel, sufficient checking system and deep knowledge of valid normative and legislation requirements relating to all of equipment kinds.

Main and most important activities
  • NDT examinations performance
  • vibration, noise and temperature diagnostics
  • corrosion measurements
  • corrosion and material analyses
  • special corrosion measurements by means of ultrasonic guided waves and digital radiography
  • personal qualification of maintenance inspectors
  • supporting of RBI (risk based inspections) for increasing of maintenance expenses efficiency
  • software systems for maintenance control

Residual life assessment

  • corrosion loops for special processes
  • inspection and test plans
    • preparation and supporting during implementation, supervision /audits, personal qualification
  • residual life evaluation
    • NDT measurements for corrosion evaluation including effective measurements by guided waves and digital radiography
    • material analysis, PMI (positive material identification)
    • fatigue analysis, radiography
    • evaluation of failure mechanism
    • personal training and qualification
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