Produits de MT

MT overview catalogue
Overview catalogue of products and services for MT  [895 kB]
The Overview Catalogue contains short descriptions of full assortment for magnetic particle testing.
Production program  [1.5 MB]
Complete protuct range program for the magnetic-particle method.
Handy electromagnets
REM - 42  [312 kB]
Handy electromagnetic equalizer for longtime load, works with U=42V.
REM 230  [553 kB]
Handy portable electromagnetizer for alternatng current 230V
  • in proof industrial version
REM 230 Kit  [406 kB]
Collection for MT testing. equalizer, adapters, magnetic powder
RUM 230  [153 kB]
Lightweight but powerful electromagnet with integrated pole pieces.
Portable and stationary current sources
MAGMAN 15-20-40-60-80  [332 kB]
Portable generator for testing welds, casts, forgings and machined parts. AC / HW demagnetization, continuous current regulation, TRMS, ..
MAGMAN 1500  [181 kB]
Portable autonomy unit connectable to authorizedfixative devices. Continuous current regulation, ...
MAGMAN 6000 H  [196 kB]
The mobile current generator for testing of castings, forgings, welds, tubes etc. AC and HW demagnetization, stepless current setting ...
MAGMAN Multidirectional  [505 kB]
Compact system of three generators for alternating magnetization of steel forgings and casts.
Stacionary magnetic defektoscopes
MAGMAN 5800  [180 kB]
Stacionary current sourcefor testing according to ASTM, EN, ASME
  • pulse and also manual switching of current, net protection, ...
MINIMAG  [199 kB]
Horizontal magnetic defectoscope
  • for AC or HW current
  • direct, curcular and also longitudial magnetization with pressure wire
MINIMAG 500 + MGM 40
  • efficient connection of low-end components
  • powerfull source with AC/DC demagnetization
  • easy transportation
UNIMAG 1200 AC-DC Aerotester  [204 kB]
  • testing in aerospace industry the ASTM E 1444
  • Quick Break feature
  • AC / DC / HW as the option
UNIMAG 1500 AC-AC Sinus  [164 kB]
Horizontal defektoscope AC / AC Sinus
  • fixative lenght 600 - 1800 mm
UNIMAG 1800 AC  [331 kB]
AC defektoscope
  • fixative lenght up to 1800 mm
  • signalization of current deviation - extensible ust-resistant steel basin suspension
UNIMAG 3000 AC-AC  [343 kB]
  • motoric rotation of parts
  • weigth capacity 750 kg
  • both-sided spraying on the coil
  • motoric movement
UNIMAG 3000 Rectangle Coil  [216 kB]
Horizontal defectoscope with rectangle coil
  • 3000 mm lenght between the poles
  • pneumatic fixation - wide equipment
AC / DC horizontal magnetic defectoscope
  • suitable for serial testing
  • autocontrol functions, ...
UNIMAG 400-600-900 AC-AC  [243 kB]
  • designed for large_scale testing
  • discretized control or touch screen
  • possibility of contact-less testing by current induction
UNIMAG 5600 AC  [470 kB]
Fixative lenght between poles 5600 mm
  • touch screen - TRMS measuring, timers
  • AC demagnetization, ...
UNIMAG 600-900 AC-AC  [373 kB]
AC / AC magnetic defectoscope
  • combined magnetization options by pressure wire with current induction
  • autocontrol functions
UNIMAG Basic  [433 kB]
  • universal equipment for general-purpose usage
  • convenient price/performance ratio
Demagnetization devices
Demagnetization tunnels DEMAT  [180 kB]
for demagnetization of ferromagnetic products magnetized alternatingly and also directly
  • continuous frequency regulation
  • timers, drift regulation, ...
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