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Who can participate in NDT Proficiency Testing?

Interlaboratory comparisons of NDT labs within Proficiency Testing according to EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010, which is also called “Conformity assessment – General requirements on proficiency testing”, focuses on each NDT lab, for whom their approach to work is based on continuous improvements – continuous assessing their quality, efficiency and trust to their customers. Eventually, this shall be concern of certification bodies in the services the labs have been providing.

What are the goals in NDT Proficiency Testing?

There are some typical goals for labs of Interlaboratory comparisons as follows:
  • Performance assessment in quality of proceedings of NDT services; its quality comparisons
  • Contributions to improvements of quality level of services in which each participant has been active
  • Continuous improvements in management practises in NDT labs
  • Contributions to building a trust and recognition of the customers for quality of each lab
  • Compliance with accreditation requirements
The need for permanent confidence in the performance of each NDT lab is not only essential factor for labs, customers and regulation bodies, but also for the accreditation and authorization organisations. Additionally, there is a growing demand for Proficiency testing for other activities of conformity assessment such as inspection and certification of the products.

ATG compliance as an NDT proficiency testing provider

Based on the compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17043 requirements, ATG s.r.o. had been awarded an accreditation of the Czech Accreditation Institute in 2013 under the title “Proficiency Testing Provider ATG” (PTP ATG) and Valid certificate of accreditation.

In April 27, 2017, “Agreement of Mutual Recognition of Accredited Conformity Assessment Results EA MLA” for Proficiency testing according to EN ISO/IEC 17043 had been signed. This means that a test report or certificate issued by accredited body by an EA MLA signatory (such as ATG s.r.o.) is also recognized by the signatories to the IAF and ILAC multilateral agreements. Because of this, there is no need for these services to be re-tested, re-calibrated, re-inspected or re-certified in any other country.
Within granted accreditation of ATG, this EA MLA agreement has been applied for the area of Proficiency testing for NDT labs in MT, PT, RT, UT, VT, ET and LT methods.

Management of the process performed by the Proficiency Testing Provider ATG

PTP ATG (Proficiency Testing Provider ATG) has regularly announced its calls for NDT Proficiency testing programs for MT, PT, RT, UT and VT methods on ATG’s websites (www.atg.cz), usually for welds. Moreover, the announcement of the calls for ET and LT methods and its typical products has been done upon requests from NDT labs.

After the filled-in application form has been submitted, the participation of NDT lab in the particular program can be realized and proceed. Minimum number of participants in program is 3 and maximum 15 labs. PTP ATG’s best effort is aim to every participant being received the results within 1 year period since the beginning of sequential distribution of the proficiency test items (samples).
Each participant in the program will be delivered by a package including:
  • Detailed instructions for the participant
  • Instructions for testing (Assignment)
  • Proficiency test item (Sample)
  • Form for registering testing results
The participant shall follow the instructions and assignment, carry out testing of the sample and register the results into a form (Protocol). The assessment of the performance of each lab has been implemented in accordance with the evaluation of the reference values determined by the instructions for testing and assignment delivered to each participant. After sequential distribution has been finished, the assessment of the protocols shall be start at PTP ATG.
When the program assessment has been done and PTP ATG registered an invoice payment from the particular lab, this participant is supposed to be provided with the following documents:
  • Final report of the participant that includes specific performance assessment for particular lab with recommendations for corrective action to address any identified non-conformities. This report is subject to strict confidentiality and therefore, it is only provided to particular lab
  • Summarizing final report that incorporates anonymous performance assessment of all participants in the program
  • Certificate of participation and result in Proficiency testing program
Any complain or appeal against the results of NDT performance assessment has been possible for each participant / lab.

For more information

Updated information about PTP ATG’s activities and calls (application form, assignment), prices, anonymous results and statistics can be found on:
  • ATG’s websites – www.atg.cz, in the section “Proficiency testing”(a green box below the list of NDT methods)
  • Program Leader: Mr. Václav Jandura, Ph.D., Phone: +420 273 0037 627, E-mail: jandura@atg.cz
  • Program Deputy Leader: Mr. Petr Tichý, Phone: +420 731 481 890, E-mail: tichy@atg.cz
  • Program Coordinator: Mr. Jiří Pitter, E-mail: pitterj@atg.cz

Finally, some statistics

PTP ATG highlights the following figures since its accreditation received 4 years ago:
  • 24 Programs in Proficiency testing for ET, MT, PT, RT, UT and VT have been announced
  • 84 NDT labs from 17 European countries have been attended
  • 240 is total number of participants in all programs
PTP ATG aims to satisfy as many as possible participants in NDT Proficiency Testing.
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