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ATG has become a member of TIC Council Association that represents the leading worldwide third party organisations active in the field of testing, inspection and certification. ATG meets the requirements set by the TIC Council for its employees and partners in the implementation of its programme and related documents:


As a part of its programme ATG has established help line to ensure that persons wishing to report:
  • any question or matter of concern relating to the implementation of the Compliance Programme
  • details of violations or suspected violations
  • any solicitation for, or offer of, an improper payment or advantage coming to their knowledge

ATG provides facilities to receive enquiries, complaints or feedback from interested parties with subsequent handling according to ATG instruction I 22-01.


  • 3P Quality Services BV - with headquarters in Holland
  • QUEST - with headuarters in India
  • CUTECH Group - with headquarters in Singapore
  • Socotec Oil&Gas - with headquarters in France
  • International Technology Group - with headquarters in Uzbekistan
  • Swiss Engineering Group - with headquarters in Russian Federation
  • Tianjin TECH Consulting Co. - with headquarters in China
  • Qtech Control Limited - with headquarters in United Kingdom
  • and others
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