Produits de RT

RT overview catalogue
Overview catalogue of products and services for RT  [1.02 MB]
The Overview Catalogue contains short descriptions of full assortment for radiographic testing.
Portable X-ray sources ATG FOKUS
Portable X-ray sources ATG FOKUS  [1.26 MB]
New portable equipment on European market - X-ray soruce FOKUS - with direct X-ray source XD (160 and 200 kV), as well as panoramatic XP 200 kV. Thes oces has small dimensions, weight and they are able to be charged from various electricity sources including car batteries. There are two options of control panels - remote control RC or cable release.
RT cabins
X-ray Cabin
Authorized according to DIN 51113, CFR 1020 etc., suitable for RTG rays shielding up to 200kV.
ATC Balteau Colenta Chemetall Kodak
Labino Phoenix Rohmann Socomate Sonatest
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