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Which services do we offer?

Thanks to long-term experience with projects in the whole world we can significantly help you to solve questions linked with "Special processes" (in which NDT belongs) and also with evaluation and observing of materials, corrosion, measuring in site etc. Training of each worker is very time and financial consuming and for this reason we offer you services of our specialists.

Practical application of all NDT methods makes high demands on operator's knowledge and experience. These are mainly the methods where the presence of defect is evaluated "indirectly" according to indication in real time. Also the correct evaluation of indications or radiograms is difficult and it requires a lot of experience.

For aerospace industry we provide services of our NDT lab "LET", that is approved by Czech Civil Aviation Authority acc. to EASA Part 145 (approval no. CZ.145.0047).


NDT laboratory LET
  • DSA Hradec Králové
  • AČR, základna Kbely
  • UT air (Ruská Federace)
  • Yamal Airlines (Russian Federation)
  • TS Aircraft
  • Job Air
  • East Air Company (Slovakia)
  • Aeroclubs, airline schools and aerospace maintainance organizations all around the Czech Republic

  • Aero Vodochody
  • Otis Břeclav
  • Latecoere Praha
  • Modřanská potrubní Praha
  • Lovochemie Lovosice
  • Motor Jikov
  • Charouz Racing
  • etc.
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